Skye Harrison


Skye Harrison

As Founder of KHOEO (and parent PR agency K&H Comms), Skye runs the show. Her overarching vision and keen eye for best-in-class brands is what sets her apart. Here, she shares her go-to brands, things she loves, and organisational tips that make her day run smoothly. Get to know Skye and how she keeps her finger on the pulse as we sit down for a quick Q&A with PR’s favourite powerhouse.

Favourite after work drink spot in London?
It has to be Scarfes Bar at the Rosewood. I love the cosy vibes, the antique books and drawing room style décor. The service is best in class and although I’m usually a wine girl, I make an exception for their cocktails.

Podcast/TV show you can't wait for the next episode of?
Anything life crime. It is a bit of an unhealthy obsession. I just watched I, Sniper – it was harrowing. Also loved Wild Wild West and Staircase.

What is your favourite KHOEO brand?
It would be like choosing a favourite child! I absolutely love Harmur - their styles are perfect for party season and weddings. My very dear friend started it and I am so proud of her and what she has achieved. I also love how E.L.V Denim gives life back to denim by repurposing materials and ensuring best in class sustainability practices. They marry sustainability with the ultimate cool-factor.

Your most treasured item?
My watch I received from my father for my 21st. It is so special and I treasure wearing it. He engraved it with his handwriting which I adore.

Give us 3 secrets to your beauty routine
I wish I had some, but I don’t! I always chop and change what I use. I have however suffered from Skinxiety - a phrase my legendary aesthetic doctor, Dr Uliana Gout, coined since coming out of the pandemic and getting back to normal life. I have never suffered with bad skin before so luckily, Dr Gout keeps it at bay with consistent facials. I also love baths – whatever time of day!

What's a brand you would love to see on KHOEO?

A goal for the rest of 2022 / What are you manifesting?
Not to pass up any opportunity be it business or pleasure. Life is too short and I love it so doing as much as I can and building memories makes it all worthwhile. Business wise, it is continuing to grow our Communications & Wholesale agency and of course to ensure KHOEO continues to grow into a well-known, loved and trusted shopping platform.

Tips for staying organised?
Plan, plan, plan. I have a paper diary and it is ALWAYS up to date. Pick certain days to do certain things such as meetings and plan them geographically - saves you always being late!

What's your dream vacation spot?
The Maldives. I know it is cliché but it really is heaven on earth. I like it too for the wildlife. You can really be so close to nature and the Maldivians are the warmest, most welcoming people.


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