Box 3 Petits Baumes


This box contains Three Petits Baumes in Relax, Rescue and Tonic, symbol of the French artisanal know-how in organic cosmetics and is an original idea for a gift. Ideal for your face, lips, body and hands, the Petits Baumes are perfect to slip in your bag. Each Petit Baume is an ultra moisturising and a regenerating companion for a daily use. Exceptional concentration of shea butter and sunflower seed oil, orange, lime, and sweet marjoram essential oils with their warming, uplifting and comforting effects provide relaxation for your skin and for your mind.

Features: Crafted in France, recycled packaging, vegan and cruelty free, medium creamy texture, absorbs quickly, light fragrance, regenerating, cleansing, hydrating, moisturising, ideal for all skin types especially dry skin, 200ml. 

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