C/3 Nourishing Mask


The Cosmydor C/3 Intense Skincare Mask is ideal for all skin types and has a nourishing effect. Made from organic ingredients, the hydrating power of shea butter makes C/3 an extremely nourishing mask. The orange blossom water acts as a natural stimulant for the skin and helps it regenerate smoothly, withstand external aggressions and signs of ageing. The high concentration in palmitoleic acid brought by the macadamia oil also contributes to moisturise your skin and to help prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Apply to clean skin, allow to work for 10 minutes before wiping excess with a tissue. Do not rinse.

Features: Crafted in France, recycled packaging, vegan and cruelty free, medium texture, absorbs quickly, light fragrance with a fresh orange scent, regenerating, natural stimulant, anti-aging properties, moisturising, ideal for all skin types, can be used as a night cream, 50ml.

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