C/4 Hydrating Facial Scrub


The Cosmydor C/4 Intense Skincare Pink Clay Face Mask is ideal for all skin types and has a hydrating effect. Made from pink clay minerals, the smoothest of all clays as a combination of white and red clay. Highly adapted to sensitive and reactive skins, this facial scrub works like an astringent, purifier and natural stimulant for the skin. This smooth regeneration of the skin works with the gentle and deep exfoliation by the powdered apricot kernel and is combined with the perfect hydration brought by the high concentration of shea butter and vegetable oil (copra, argan and jojoba) which are all organic, virgin and obtained by cold pressure. Moisten your face then apply, gently massage for a few seconds then rinse thoroughly. Do not allow to dry.

Features: Crafted in France, recycled packaging, vegan and cruelty free, medium texture with abrasive feel from the almond powder, easy application, medium mineral fragrance, regenerating, purifying, hydrating, ideal for all skin types, adaptive too sensitive and fragile skin, 50ml.

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