Palm of Feronia

Chaga Mallow Mask


The Chaga Mallow Mask is a deeply nourishing mask is made with four key active ingredients designed to nourish, purify and soothe the skin. Kaolin clay, a component rich in iron oxide and pink kaolin, is blended with soothing chamomile and marshmallow root, a herb popular in ancient egyptian medicines due to its abundance of mucilage, an emollient-rich ingredient that coats the skin in a protective layer and prevents irritation; qualities that are complemented by the natural anti-inflammatory qualities of yarrow.

Features: Vegan and cruelty free, 100% natural ingredients, derived from mother earth, no preservatives, artificial colourants or fragrances, soothing chamomile, anti-inflammatory, nourishes and purifies the skin, arrives in a compostable, biodegradeable box, 12 month shelf life.

Composition: Kaolin clay, althaea officinalis (marshmallow root), inonotus obliquus extract (chaga mushroom), chamomile recutita (chamomile root), achillea millefolium (yarrow).

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