Ronny Colbie

Cotswolds Garden Candle


This gorgeous scented candle embodies the tranquillity found when meandering through an elegant English country garden. A harmonious balance of magnolia, peony and musk is forever flowery, yet subtle and understated. Close your eyes and be transported into a quaint Cotswold garden with top notes of water lily and freesia. As well as heart notes of peony, jasmine and base notes magnolia and violet. Uniquely hand-crafted in the UK.

Features: Handmade in England, natural ingredients, keep wick trimmed to 1/8 of an inch, seal with the provided lid for extra care, keep out of direct sunlight, 60 hour burn time, 380ml.

Composition: Infused with magnolia, peony, violet, jasmine, water lilies and musk.

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