Wolf and Zephyr

Evil Eye Protection Necklace


The Wolf & Zephyr evil eye protection necklace features a hand-drawn eye with a white topaz iris and four smaller white topaz stones that stud the coin, radiating rays of light. The evil eye protection necklace is a talisman designed to keep the wearer safe from harm. This necklace is stunning worn alone, teamed with a Wolf & Zephyr element necklaces. or layered with favourites from your jewellery box.

Features: Eco-friendly packaging, recycled and biodegradable materials handpicked for quality and unique features, 14ct gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver, hand-made and designed.

Approximate Dimensions: 19mm x 23mm.

Composition: Sterling silver plated with gold vermeil, white topaz.

Colour: Gold

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