Ila Spa

Gold Cellular Age-Restore Face Cleanser


Gentle yet hardworking, this organic, age-busting oil-based cleanser will help shed years off your face – and repair any ageing niggles, redness or inflammation. Deeply hydrating and delicious smelling, using some of the world’s most powerful anti-aging, all natural ingredients, it is particularly great for mature, irritated, rosacea prone skin.

All Ila Spa products are vegan and cruelty-free.


Sea Buckthorn - high in the rarest of omegas, omega 7 and vitamins A, C and E, protects the skin and reduces damage
Boswellia Extract - high in Boswellic Acids, soothes and nourishes skin
Babassu Oil - full of antioxidants to support the skin’s natural regeneration process Jasmine - hydrates and protects the skin and provides an uplifting aroma

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