Ila Spa

Gold Cellular Age-Restore Face Cream


Tighten and brighten your complexion and let the years fall off you. An all natural and rich creamy blend of brilliance, this organic pot of perfection combines three naturally occurring golds to eliminate toxins, repair damage and allow for cell re-hydration to greatly increase the production of collagen. Excellent for mature, irritated and rosacea-prone skin.

All Ila Spa products are vegan and cruelty-free.


24 Carat Gold, White Gold and Gold Dust - reduces fine lines and protects the skin from ageing 
White Lily Stem Cells - increases cell renewal, reduces dark spots and fine lines Boswellia extract - high in Boswellic Acids, soothes and nourishes skin
Sandalwood Oil - a natural anti-inflammatory, works to strengthen and protect skin whilst providing long lasting hydration

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