Ila Spa

Life in the Fast Lane 432 Temple Balm


The perfect natural antidote to stress headaches and temple tension. Can be used on the go, at work, or at home to relieve stress and headaches.

The potent trio oils that form Ila Spa's Temple Balm are Vetivert, Petitgrain and Cedarwood. The oils are blended together for 5 minutes in a crystal bowl attuned to 432Hz.  These oils absorb the vibrations, imbuing the balm with a peaceful and calming potency, suitable for both mind and body.

Why 432? It is said that 432hz is the precise frequency that sound or music is most harmonious to the ears. It is also the harmonic intonation of nature; the ultimate vibration of calm and peace. Only essential oils can absorb and retain these vibrations.

All Ila Spa products are vegan and cruelty-free.


Vetiver - melts anger and irritability, as well as soothes mental and physical exhaustion
Petitgrain - reduces anxiety and stress by uplifting your mood and bestowing positive energy
Cedarwood - grounding, transformational for strength, courage and assurance

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