Tada and Toy

Reversible 9 Stone Charm G


Introducing the The Tada & Toy Reversible 9 Stone Charm. Made from 18ct gold plated brass and a culmination of stones, these nine gems are believed to hold mystical powers and talismanic benefits of health and wellbeing. Reversible in design, the colourful charms can be placed onto the Oval Charm Hoops or Pave Oval Charm Hoops for an elevated look to mix up your jewellery staples.

Features: Crescent charms, 1.5cm inner dimensions, 9 multi stones, ethically sourced and manufacted material, 18ct gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver, hand-made and designed.

Dimensions: 3cm in diameter.

Composition: 18ct gold plated brass. Stones include: peach moonstone, leopard jasper, blue lace agate, rhodochrosite, red jasper, lapis, rhodolite, larimar, green malachite.

Colour: Gold

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