Palm of Feronia

Rose Quartz Water


"Organic rose water forms the base of this revitalising blend, alongside hydrating and brightening Wu Zhu and Aloe Vera. Said to be used by Cleopatra as part of her skincare regime, rose water helps maintain the skin's natural pH balance, reduces redness and has antioxidant qualities that help to generate new skin cells while rose quartz serum, rose quartz crystals ground into a powder and suspended in the blend, heighten the benefits of the crystals to their full effect.

Features: Vegan and cruelty free, 100% natural ingredients, derived from Mother Earth, no preservatives, artificial colourants or fragrances, hydrating and brightening Wu Zhu and Aloe Vera, reduces redness, antioxidant qualities, generates new skin, a universal product, suitable for most skin types and particularly beneficial to dry, dull and damaged skin, arrives in a compostable, biodegradable box, 12 month shelf life. 

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