Palm of Feronia

Small Abalone


The abalone shell is a traditional vessel in which Native American herbs and smudges can be burnt. The shell is great for leaning burning sticks on while they burn and with the addition of sand or earth, they can be then used to help extinguish them afterwards. Loose herbs or the broken ends of smudge sticks can also be placed in the shell for burning, again with or without sand or earth. Sustainably sourced from South Africa and Mexico, these shells are a bi-product from the food industry and would otherwise be disposed of. They're not caught in the wild so the supply is sustainable and doesn't destroy any natural habitat or wild abalones.

Features: Vegan and cruelty free, 100% natural ingredients, derived from Mother Earth, no preservatives, artificial colourants or fragrances, sustainable, sourced from South Africa and Mexico, biproduct.

Composition: Abalone shell.

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