Wolf and Zephyr

Snake Necklace Gold


The beautiful hand drawn Wolf & Zephyr snake pendant features detailed scales and a winding body which sits beautifully on the chest. The snake spirit animal relies on its surroundings and its vibrations and uses them as a compass to find its direction. It moves along the earth and translates the energies from it. The snake necklace signifies rebirth, transformation, immortality and healing. This necklace is stunning worn alone, teamed with a Wolf & Zephyr element necklace. or layered with favourites from your jewellery box.

Features: Eco-friendly packaging, recycled and biodegradable materials handpicked for quality and unique features, 14ct gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver, hand-made and designed.

Approximate Dimensions: 15mm x 36mm.

Composition: Sterling silver plated with gold vermeil, white topaz.

Colour: Gold

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