Wolf and Zephyr

Turquoise Tibetan Cross Necklace


The Wolf & Zephyr turquoise Tibetan cross necklace features the Tibetan cross, otherwise known as the Tibetan magic wand, which is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. The central gemstone represents the underlying unity of the centre of the universe. From this it branches out into lotus flowers, in Buddhist terms these symbolise a phenomenal world. By wearing the turquoise Tibetan cross necklace, your chakra aligns to your centre, maintaining serenity as the turquoise stone protects. This necklace is stunning worn alone, teamed with a Wolf & Zephyr element necklace or layered with favourites from your jewellery box.

Features: Eco-friendly packaging, recycled and biodegradable materials handpicked for quality and unique features, 14ct gold, gold vermeil and sterling silver, hand-made and designed.

Approximate Dimensions: 32mm x 46mm.

Composition: Sterling silver plated with gold vermeil, turquoise gemstone.

Colour: Gold

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